Public Affairs Company specializes in issue advocacy and grassroots campaigns. We identify field assets and concentrate stakeholders into powerful networks that can be quickly mobilized to carry out our clients’ objectives.

Through environmental conditioning, PAC frames the issues central to your objectives in order to maximize the yield of our advocacy efforts. We then combine tactical media targeting with strategic outreach to create a dynamic public message identity.



We grow powerful coalitions from the ground up or build strong alliances with existing partnerships to ensure your position gains momentum and strength.

Gaining momentum and strength

Whether by advocacy or through coalition development, Public Affairs Company drives your issue campaign forward, building on the strength of your cause and the momentum brought about by its acceptance.

Fortify and expand support

We focus on a vast consortium of grassroots contacts and make grass tops connections with key influential leaders, all of whom publicly support, endorse, and lobby for your cause.

Overcome the opposition

We identify your existing supporters and allies. We recruit, educate, and mobilize them to articulate and argue your cause, impressing and ultimately influencing opinion leaders and decision makers.


We bridge government and business, eliminating the vast expanse that lies between the complexities of government and your organization’s mission, so that in the end, you see your objectives realized.

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Support and consensus for your issue

We craft a timely, persuasive message, utilizing our expertise and experience, and connecting you with powerful leaders, lobbyists, and decision makers.

Successful business development

We foster relationships with the right people, identifying your competition, and placing you in the optimal position to create your desired result.

Effective crisis resolution

We draw upon our ingenuity, knowledge and experience within the system to quickly and effectively repair damage, and to rebuild your credibility, brand, and reputation.


We utilize every opportunity to educate, enlighten, and broadcast your issue to the public, shaping messages, training spokespeople, and refining presentations to achieve the greatest possible impact for you.

Memorable key messaging

We identify the most effective mediums and create memorable, persuasive messaging.


Powerful advertising

We craft campaigns that raise awareness, amplify your voice, and stimulate discussion.


Expanded reach and impact

We provide creative, customized solutions for maximized exposure and audience engagement.