Project Description

Build It Now Sioux Falls


For more than a decade the citizens and politicians in Sioux Falls planned, analyzed and debated the construction of a $100 million, 15,000-seat event center to meet the demand for a multi-use venue that could accommodate entertainers, sporting events and trade shows. After years of civic infighting and gridlock, several high-profile organizations and business leaders came together to develop a definitive plan that could be brought directly to voters. Public Affairs Company (PAC) was brought on to manage a full-scale ballot campaign that would enable construction of the much-needed facility.


PAC acted swiftly to put the Build It Now campaign into action, beginning with polling to gauge the most effective messages among likely voters. Well-choreographed paid media, earned media, social media, GOTV and overall grassroots strategy set the tone for a comprehensive campaign that was well-suited to play both offense and defense on a still-contentious local issue. Key to the effort was the recruitment of two hundred local businesses and membership organizations that amplified the scope of grassroots outreach and solidified the core of our earned media response team.

After a hard-fought campaign, the Build It Now initiative won by a 58-42 margin, with record turnout for a non-mayoral election. The victory was deemed “an improbable win” on the front page of the Sioux Falls Argus Leader. PAC went on to claim seven Pollie awards and eight honorable mentions at the 2012 American Association of Political Consultants awards gala – the political equivalent of the Oscars. With seven Pollies for Build It Now, PAC won more awards for a single campaign than any other firm in the country.