Project Description

Hunting Works For America


Hunting and shooting remain two of the country’s most popular sports and pastimes. Plenty of hunting stories have been told through the generations and across the country. What hasn’t been widely told is the story of hunting – in particular the impact it has on the economy. Seeing an opportunity to frame hunting and shooting as good for the economy, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the trade association for the firearms industry, sought to put together a program that would explain at a state level the positive impact that the hunting and shooting sports have on state and local economies and broaden the voice of hunters and shooters.


Public Affairs Company (PAC) worked with NSSF to build a multi-use alliance development program called Hunting Works For America. Unlike a lot of pro-hunting and shooting organizations, Hunting Works For America is unique in that it recruits non-traditional allies and discusses the positive economic impact of hunting and shooting. These non-traditional allies represent a diverse cross-section of each state’s economy, including hotels, gas stations, grocery stores, chambers of commerce, convention and visitors bureaus, and retailers.

PAC has launched and maintained nine Hunting Works For America state programs, with new states coming online each year. In each state, PAC conducts earned media events using trusted local voices, legislative days, partner meetings, sporting clay shoots, and participates in high profile events each year. Each state’s Hunting Works program has earned the attention of governors, legislative leadership, and agency heads as a reliable source of information on the economic impact of hunting and shooting in their states.

To date, PAC has recruited over 1,000 state-level partners, orchestrated hundreds of earned media hits, and provided defense of an industry that has, at times, been met with increased scrutiny.