Project Description

Partnership for Prescription Assistance


The Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA) was created as a clearinghouse to streamline the enrollment process for patients eligible to receive free or nearly free prescriptions from hundreds of manufacturer discount programs covering thousands of medications. Public Affairs Company (PAC) was called upon to raise local public awareness of the PPA in concert with a large promotional and registration effort that featured a nationwide bus tour.


PAC coordinated press events, one-on-one interviews and editorial board meetings with PPA spokespersons in hundreds of cities across the Midwest and Great Plains states as part of a multi-year effort to increase patient utilization of the PPA. We buttressed the media campaign by developing partnerships with over five hundred supportive voluntary health, social service and professional associations across numerous states and communities.

Through PAC’s efforts, thousands of positive, local stories were printed or aired in promotion of the program. Partner organizations disseminated word of the PPA to their members, while federal, state and local elected officials were quick to endorse the program and urge their constituents to take advantage of the available cost savings. These efforts contributed to the successful rollout and growth of a PPA program that, over the past decade, has helped millions of patients qualify for free or deeply discounted medications.