Tony Gorder | Creative Director

bio-page_tonygSince joining Public Affairs Company Tony Gorder has leveraged his broad range of skills in design, writing, research, and grassroots field engagement to the benefit of our clients.

As Creative Director, Tony develops countless marketable materials, including brochures, print ads, e-newsletters, signage, mailers, presentations and grassroots activity briefings. His eye for design has made him indispensable in creating original collateral materials for a number of clients all over the country and garnered numerous awards, including two Pollie Awards from the American Association of Political Consultants.

Tony also uses his extensive skillset in the field. He has aided in executing press events and coalition meetings for various projects, and works closely with community, service and religious groups to educate the public about our clients’ messages.

Prior to joining the PAC team, Tony worked in news media and mass communications. As Editor in Chief of South Dakota State University’s newspaper, Tony guided the paper to journalistic excellence while also developing and designing ambitious front pages, one of which received an honorable mention from the National Pacemaker Awards, often considered Pulitzer Prizes of student journalism.

Tony earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Journalism and Political science from South Dakota State University.